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The goal of our classes for three year olds is to introduce the children to gymnastics and fitness activities.  Our lesson plans are geared toward developing their find and gross motor skills by using music and equipment such as balls, hoops and bean bags.  In these classes, we utilize all the of men's and women's gymnastics equipment, including the trampoline.  Realizing that it is not easy for most three year olds to wait and take turns, we plan activities using circuits and obstacle courses to teach the building blocks to basic gymnastics.  Although there will be some waiting for turns, it is kept to a minimum.

We also incorporate various themes into the lesson plans throughout the year.  Examples of these weeks would be Halloween, Mini Olympics, Summer Fun, and Circus.  These classes are 45 minutes long.  There is a five-to-one, student-instructor ratio for these classes.


Class Schedule

Monthly Tuition - $ 60


11:00 - 11:45 AM